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Pretty Japanese inspired accessories by Yume Kanzashi.

Take a pinch of kawaii sugary sweetness, and add in some pretty wearable flowers, the art of Kanzashi has been around for centuries and now you can add a touch of this pretty tradition to your wardrobe thanks to Yume Kanzashi.

Yume kanzashi : Alternative fashion

Inspired by Japanese tradition, Yume Kanzashi have created a range of intricate, and incredibly pretty hair accessories, from perfectly folded hair flowers, to pastel hearts, and dainty jewellery.

Kanzashi are traditional hair accessories that have been made in Japan for centuries, this intricate and detailed technique has produced incredibly beautiful pieces of wearable art for your hair, it's no wonder that this tradition has stirred up plenty of inspiration with creating the range of accessories.

Yumi Kanzashi's range has been inspired by Hana Kanzashi, the floral style that you'll see across their range of hand crafted wears. Each petal is hand folded using traditional origami techniques to create every flower to the highest standard.

This technique certainly takes years to craft, and the experience shows with each lovingly created flower and pretty heart.

Yume kanzashi : Alternative fashion

With a range of designs that will tempt any alternative taste, whether you love the pastel's of the Sweet Lolita look, or more of a gothic ensemble, there's hair flowers in an abundance of shades and styles that you'll just adore.

And it's not just for day to day wear either, you'll find a beautiful selection of bridal pieces that are perfect for any alternative wedding, with hair flower combs, and colourful hearts.

So whether you adore Japanese culture, or fancy trying something new for your alternative look, you'll find plenty to adorn in Yume Kanzashi's range of accessories. Take a peek for yourself at

Images: Left image - Model: Kasumi Noir, Photographer: Louise Cantwell Photography | Right image: Model: Kasumi Noir, Photographer: CSD _Images.