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What Katie Did

Do you prefer your lingerie with a touch of vintage glamour? Something that harks back to the days of traditional Hollywood glamour & classic starlets? Well you're going to adore What Katie Did.

What Katie did : Alternative lingerie

If you haven't heard of them before your going to be overcome with glee at the delights your future wardrobe will hold from them. Purveyors of faux vintage lingerie, it does exactly what it says on the tin, it's not vintage but it is perfect replica lingerie inspired by the past. Shape-wear has never looked quite so glamorous..

Taking classic pieces such as the bullet bra & corset and adding their own touch of glamour to them. From classic French knickers to sheer cabaret bras, there's plenty to suit whatever style takes your fancy.

If your new to the whole concept of faux vintage lingerie you'll want to dip your toes in gently to their range, their classic Glamour range features plenty of gorgeous staples from bras to waspies that can gently ease in you in as you start to find the look that suits you.

What Katie did : Vintage style lingerie

They also have a great range of seamed stockings & tights that are perfect to introduce yourself to the retro style of their catalogue.

For those of you a little braver to try things out you may just adore the Maitresse range with it's bullet bras and girdles. Their new Marlene range features a striking two tone style on a range of bullet bras and knickers for a unique look.

There's certainly plenty to tempt you in their collections, why not take a peek for yourself at What Katie Did or visit their London boutique at Portobello Green, Portobello road.