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Urban Decay teams up with Gwen Stefani for their latest collection.

We can only think why haven't they done this before?! Gwen Stefani's unique sense of style is perfectly matched with Urban Decay's vibrant and alt friendly palette of shades, so news of their latest collection is certainly going to be a great addition to our make up bags.

Urban Decay and Gwen Stefani collection : Alternative make up

Urban Decay's cult cosmetics have long been a favourite in our make up bag, even years before Alt Fashion came into existence, with products that are not just bold, vibrant and colourful, but incredibly inventive and wonderful bits of kit, from their miraculous primer to their much coveted Naked palette, we've long been lusting over their outstanding products.

Surprisingly, Urban Decay haven't released a celebrity collaboration before, so news of their forthcoming collection with Gwen Stefani isn't just a wonderful pairing, it's also a miraculous first for the cosmetics brand, and one that they've spent their time perfecting to create a collection that we'll all be dying to sink our claws into.

Urban Decay's founder Wende Zomnir has been wanting to snap up Gwen for a collection for quite some time, ever since Gwen's striking looks first came to the world's attention in '95 with No Doubt's "Just a girl", so this dream collaboration has certainly been a long time coming!

Gwen has worked closely with the team at Urban Decay to perfect the forthcoming range, working on every detail imaginable, from shades to the final packaging, but as to what we can expect to see within the collection, Urban Decay is keeping tight lipped until it's release, but we just know that it's going to be amazing!

Urban Decay teams up with Gwen Stefani : Alternative make up

Gwen's unique sense of style has helped to drive many alternative trends in the past, who else spent the late 90's trying to keep those bindi's firmly in place, or hunting out the perfect shade of pillarbox red lipstick copying Gwen's unique style?! We all know how much Gwen adores her make up, her Harajuku Lovers range of fragrances continues to grow (so much that we're almost running out of space for the kawaii bottles on our beauty stands), so we just know that it's going to be a great collection of pieces, "When Urban Decay came to me to collaborate, I immediately thought it was a perfect match. The way they've built their company is very similar to my aesthetic and approach." says Gwen of the forthcoming collection.

As to when we can expect it to launch here in the UK, dates are ranging from late November - December, however, our friends Stateside can expect to see the range first, so we'll just have to wait and see when Urban Decay counters UK wide are stocking this much sought after range. Keep an eye at, where news of the collection will be unveiled before the launch.

Images via Urban Decay & Fashion Insight