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Unleash your inner demon with Seventh Circle Artworks.

Alternative jeweller and custom jewellery designer, Seventh Circle Artworks have already caught our eye with their unique designs and stunning pieces, and when they teamed up with Lacuna Coil's Cristina Scabbia back in 2013, they created a cheeky little piece that went down a storm.

Seventh circle artworks : Alternative fashion

The "I'm no saint" ring was the result of a dream collaboration between Cristina and Seventh Circle Artworks, a cheeky little devil ring cast in sterling silver that certainly left a lasting impression. "It's the inner kid inside of us that wants to kick out and get whatever he wants. A free spirit, a fierce presence, laughs at curveballs life throws at him and he rises above everything and all. He knows he is perfect with his imperfections." say Cristina Scabbia of the original design.

Seventh circle artworks : Alternative fashion

This signature piece has been given a stunning makeover due to launch next month, cast in brass giving this much loved design a new lease of life, and it certainly looks outstanding! The vintage brass "I'm no saint" ring comes with it's own unique presentation box featuring Cristina's embossed signature on the lid.

Whether you adore alternative jewellery, or want to get your mitts on a piece designed by Cristina Scabbia, you'll love this new vintage inspired twist on the "I'm no saint" design.

Shop the full range of jewellery, where you'll be able to purchase the new "I'm no saint" ring from May 4th at