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Alt Fashion End of year poll 2014 - UK Web Shop; previously UK Site

Little Booteek

Winner : Little Booteek - 50% of the public vote

With their wonderful range of alternative clothing and accessories at Little Booteek they've certainly caught your eye, as your votes have made them this year's winners. |

The Gothic Shop

2nd place : The Gothic Shop - 35% of the public vote

Last year's winners return for the public vote, their wonderful range of gorgeously gothic clothing and accessories has certainly kept you on your toes, as you've nominated them once again!

Image: Photographer - Nils Bratby | Model - Maria Amanda

Bow and Crossbones

3rd place : Bow & Crossbones - 15% of the public vote

With a store that's choc full of sweet rockabilly finds, you've certainly adored their range of rockabilly wares; whether it's their reproduction lucite jewellery, or some tiki-tastic bags.

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