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UK site; 2nd year running, The gothic shop

The gothic shop

Last year's winners have made their way back to the top 3 for this year's nomination's. Well known for their gorgeous range of gothic attire.

With plenty of laces, velvets, and brocades bursting amongst their stock. From well known international labels, to more home grown diy talent.

2nd place

Quirky boutique have been providing plenty of tattoo inspired attire to their customers for years.

With a wide range of their own in house designed jewellery, including the well loved profanity club necklaces; amongst plenty of sourced designers from tattoo inspired necklaces, to printed totes and an abundance of gift cards.

3rd place

One of the Uk's most well known alternative web shops; we're actually surprised that you lot didn't nominate them in past polls! So it's a well deserved entry into this years poll.

Stocking their own in house label amongst plenty of international labels and finds, with enough black clothing to kit any well discerning goth out.