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UK Shop 2012

Birds Yard

1st: Birds Yard, Leeds

Last year's winners have done it again and claimed the title of UK shop for a second year running! One of Leeds newest alternative shops, barely a year old when they were nominated for our poll last year. A multi-floor wonder full of alternative shops ranging from vintage to gothic, with everything from millinery to attire and art in store.

was 83 Kirkgate, Leeds. Now at 44 Chapel Walk, Sheffield

Gusty Gingers

2nd: Gutsy Gingers, Whitby

Whitby is as well known for it's gothic weekend as it is for a hidden cavalcade of alternative shops, Gusty Gingers is one of those hidden treats you'll find amongst the historical town. A shop full to the brim with not just alternative attire but cultural treats.

4 Brunswick Street, Whitby


3rd: Dollydagger, Brighton

A shop that started it's life online Dollydagger opened their Brighton boutique last year. Chock full of loveliness with a mix of quirky, pin up & vintage inspired attire in store, perfectly fitting to Brighton's colourful shore.

6 Brighton Place, Brighton - Update 2018 - shop has now closed

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