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Alt Fashion End of year poll 2017 - UK Photographer

Alex Kie photographer

Winner: Alex Kie

A photographer with an amazing portfolio of work, capturing some imaginative, stunning, and creative imagery that's certainly made them one your favourites and this year's winner!

Image credits:

Photo/Postproduction: Alex Kie - photography & digital art

Model/MUA: Elladora

Headdress/Chest Piece: Patine Noire

Corset: Valkyrie corsets


2nd place: NEWO

Creating wonderfully dark imagery that's mesmerizing, and beautifully styled. With an astounding portfolio of work that's made them one of our readers favourites.

Image credits:

Photographer: NEWO

Model: Bernadette Lemon

Headdress: Creations by Liv Free

MUA: Elle Binks-Swain / Aspects Beauty Company

Marija Buljeta

3rd place: Marija Buljeta

A photographer who has created some wonderful images, whether it's working with alternative models for some darkly gothic pics, or in the photo pit capturing some amazing moments on stage, that you certainly adore.

Image credits:

Model: Lady Amaranth

Photographer: Marija Buljeta

Clothes: The Gothic Shop UK

Jewellery: Rosalyn Gothic Jewellery

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