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Alt Fashion End of year poll 2016 - UK Model

Ella Amethyst

Winner : Ella Amethyst - 47% of the public vote

A model who's been creating some beautifully gothic and dark fairy tale inspired imagery. Even working with some of our favourites and fellow winners (The Gothic Shop) to create some wonderful images.

Image credits:

Model: Ella Amethyst

Photographer: Trev Wordley Photography

Crown & Shoulder Pieces: Mystic Thread

SINderella Rockafella

2nd place : SINderella Rockafella - 27% of the public vote

A pin up model with a flair for cheesecake, alternative fashion and classic pin up. Creating some amazing images, whether she's modelling slinky latex or classic rockabilly attire, making her one of your favourites this year!

Please visit model's page (linked above) for images.

Madame Mae Vis

3rd place : Madame Mae Vis - 26% of the public vote

An alternative model who's been creating some stunning fashion, pin up and alt glamour images. Even modelling for some of our fellow nominees (Family of the dead), making her one of our readers favourites.

Image credits:

Model: Madame Mae Vis

Photographer: Emma Stone

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