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Alt Fashion End of year poll 2014 - UK Model

alternative model Sarah Tonin

Winner : Sarah Tonin - 47% of the public vote

An alternative model who's known for her unique, colourful style, that's certainly caught your attention, as your votes have made her this years winner! | (NSFW)

Image: Photographer - Leona Turford Photography | MUA - Sarah Tonin | Jewellery - Niziblian | Wig - Ghoulia's Peculiar's

alternative model Lady Noctis

2nd place : Lady Noctis - 35% of the public vote

An alternative model who's love of cosplay has helped to create some of the most memorable images we've seen this year, as well as being a talented illustrator to boot.

Image: Photographer - Kitty Kems Photography | MUA - Charly Golightly MUA

alternative model Beth Chambers

3rd place : Beth Chambers - 18% of the public vote

An alternative model with an incredibly varied portfolio of work, from latex, to beauty and rockabilly, that you certainly adore.

Image: Photographer - Monika Schaible | MUA & Stylist : Duane Alexander.

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