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UK Model 2013

Druidess of Midian

Winner : Druidess of Midian

A model who's ethereal images still captivate us, with a penchant for the dark, fairytale & romantic.

Image credits: Model - Druidess of Midian | Photographer - Lunaesque | Make up artist - Charlotte Gabriella Savoury of Illamasqua | Clothing - The Dark Angel

Dark morte

2nd : Dark Morte

A model with a penchant for gothic imagery, queen of all things sinister, seductive and downright spooky and she makes a damn good vampire.

Image credits: Model - Dark Morte | Photographer - Soulstealer photography

Roswell Ivory

3rd :Roswell Ivory

Model and writer, Roswell Ivory has been modelling alternative wares for as long as we can remember from fashion to art and a spot of gorgeous squeaky latex..

Image credits: Model - Roswell Ivory | Photographer - Ardi-Foto | Clothing - Ardita

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