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UK Model 2012

Andromeda X

1st: Andromeda X

A model who creates eye catching shoots, you'll most likely recognise her from her outstanding collaborations with alternative designers. With a look that's ever changeable she always manages to put something wonderful and captivating with every shoot. We're pleased to be crowing her UK Model of 2012!

Image credits: Model - Andromeda X | Photographer - Maja Stina.

Druidess of Midian

2nd: Druidess of Midian

An alternative model with a penchant for the dark, fairytale & romantic. Always creating something fantastical with plenty of fashion, art & fairytale experience behind her that leaves you with a sprinkling of pixie dust!

Image credits: Model/MUA/Hair - Druidess of Midian | Photographer - Darren Flynn Photography

Eve Elle

3rd: Eve Elle

An alternative model with experience in alternative fashion alongside a smorgasboard of alternative talents from fire breathing to stilt walking. With an ever changeable look that's seen her modelling work take on a electic mix of styles this past year.

Image credits: Model - Eve Elle | Photographer: Laura Hince Photography

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