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Alt Fashion End of year poll 2017 - UK Designer


Winner: Curiology

Crafting beautifully dark accessories to adorn, with an amazing selection of jewellery and accessories. Their darkly gothic designs have made them a favourite with our readers, going on to win our End of year poll for the second year in a row!

Image credits:

Model/MUA/Photographer: Silky

Hysteria Machine

2nd place: Hysteria Machine

Creating beautifully macabre and otherworldly pieces of wearable art, with a wonderful range of gothic couture accessories that have certainly caught your eye - making them one of your firm favourites again this year!

Image credits:

Photographer: NEWO


Kiku Boutique

3rd place: Kiku Boutique

Designing beautifully made corsetry, lingerie, and clothing, offering a stunning collection of classic designs. With tailor made bespoke designs that are as unique as you are - making them one of our readers favourites to visit.

Image credits:

Photographer: Jamie Mahon Photography

Model: Ava Castle

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