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Alt Fashion End of year poll 2014 - UK Designer

TPF Faeriewear

Winner, 3rd year running : TPF Faeriewear - now Feerie Telle - 59% of the public vote

Crickey! TPF have done it again and won you over at the winners of this year's poll, their magical, fae and colourful wares have certainly kept you mystified!


2nd place : Curiology - 29% of the public vote

Our 2011 winner returns with a selection of hand crafted designs from the macabre, to the sweet, that you've certainly been snapping up. |

Image: Photographer - Twitch Photos (Alexandra Leigh) | Model - Charlotte | MUA - Sara Ibgi

Sugared Bones

3rd place : Sugared Bones - 12% of the public vote

Jewellery designer, Sugared Bones has certainly caught your eye this year. With a colourful, and creative range of designs that you just adore.

Image : Photographer - Louise Cantwell | Model - Kasumi Noir

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