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UK Designer 2012

TPF Faery wear

1st: TPF Faery wear - now Feerie Telle

TPF Faeriewear has been designing fantastical faery clothing for the past few years, creating colourful wares for faeries and pixies alike! With a range of standout designs such as her signature Raggle Taggle Tutu's which have certainly captured your imagination.

After a certainly busy year for TPF we're pleased to crown them the winner!

The Dark Angel

2nd: The Dark Angel

The dark angel have been around as long as we can remember, creating gorgeous gothic apparel to adorn, in more recent years they've expanded their creative styling to fairytale and gothic wares that certainly stand out.


3rd: Eustratia

Eustratia have tippy toed their way onto the scene, a latex led designer creating imaginative and unique designs crafted with latex. Certainly taking the fetish out of latex and turning it into wearable works of art.

Image credits: Model - Sevensin | Photographer - Beverly Ann Photography.

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