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Alt Fashion End of year poll 2017 - UK Company

Hex Bomb

Winner: Hex Bomb

Concocting beautifully bewitching bath products with their range of sweetly scented bath bombs, oils, and soaps that will have you lathering up a storm - you certainly adore their range, making them this years winners!

Image credits:

Photographer: Art_Drenched_Design

The Rogue + The Wolf

2nd place: The Rogue + The Wolf

With their bewitching designs, they've created a stunning range of delightfully dark pieces to adorn. A firm favourite amongst our readers, making it through to our poll once again this year!

Family of the dead

3rd place: Family Of The Dead

With a range of stylish designs inspired by vintage horror, graffiti, and punk rock it's no wonder Family Of The Dead have become firm favourites amongst our readers, making it through to our End of year poll once again this year.

Image credits:

Photographer: Phillip Le Maistre at Greyfox Media

Models: Fern Watling & Sam Roddam

MUA : Sasha Jade Prebble

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