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Alt Fashion End of year poll 2014 - UK Company

The Dark Angel

Winner : The Dark Angel - 49% of the public vote

With their gorgeously gothic and fairytale attire, it's no wonder that your votes resulted in them winning this year's poll, a firm alternative fashion favourite for many years.

Geisha wigs

2nd place : Geisha Wigs - 33% of the public vote

Winners of our 2012 poll, Geisha Wigs have been continuing to bring their wonderfully colourful, and fantastical wigs to many alternative wardrobes worldwide.

Now known as

Image: Model: Goldy Loxx | Photographer: Imperial Lychee Photography & Editing | Wig: Berry Cooler | Alpaca: also from Geisha Wigs


3rd place : Collectif - 18% of the public vote

A firm Alt Fashion favourite, Collectif have helped to bring reproduction clothing to a larger alternative audience with their gorgeous pin up and rockabilly inspired attire.

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