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UK company 2011

Sweet Delirium

Sweet Delirium

Fresh from their feature in our Winter edition, Sweet Delirium specialize in ethically sourced & resin skull jewellery, alongside wearable curios & handmade pieces of wearable art.

Infusing touches of memento mori & the macabre for their unique and individual pieces.

2nd: Little Miss Delicious

Little Miss Delicious create jewellery that as looks delightfully edible as it is cute. With designs from happy cookies to plushie pop tarts, proving that we all have a sweet tooth for handmade designs.

3rd: Fetasia latex

Fresh from their feature in our Winter edition, Fetasia latex create some of the most inventive latex wear you'll ever see. Harlequin dresses to glamourous burlesque attire & wearable pop art pieces.