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Killstar launch their newest collection.

Take in some summer goth vibes with Killstar's new Festival collection.

Piece together the perfect look for festival season this summer with Killstar's latest collection. As dark alternative vibes meet killer graphic prints for their Festival collection.

Killstar Festival collection : Alternative clothing

Perfect to kit yourself out for the summer in darkly gothic style, with a range of designs that combine alt fashion trends with bold graphic prints and classic silhouettes for a festival look that's darkly gothic.

Killstar : Alternative clothing brand

The Festival Collection is as dark as ever, with pieces that are just perfect for the summer - what better to adorn as festival season starts up! Ranging from the sleek City Indus hood top with classic strap detailing that's perfect for late chilled evenings, to killer graphic tees with striking prints including the Illusion vest top.

Festival collection by Killstar : Alternative fashion

Complete the look with a stylish range of accessories, including the stunning gothic rose Astrid choker, and Curses pentagram detailed belt.

Killstar Festival collection : Alternative fashion

Who needs an excuse to pick up some stylish new wares for the summer! Sink your claws into the Festival Collection at