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"The stocking book" Victor Arwas & Andreas Papadakis

The stocking book by Victor Arwas & Andreas Papadakis celebrates the humble, and sultry stocking. From it's initial roots in history through the splendiferous range of stockings available today.

Stocking book

"When a woman takes all her clothes off, she can be depicted as a pure, Classical nude. If, however, she keeps her stockings on, she suddenly becomes naked, an erotic creation capable of arousing the viewer's libido." The stocking has come a long way over the past century, from the painted legs of women during the war to create the effect of covered legs, through the embellished designers stockings available today.

The stocking book takes a look at the complete history of the stocking, from the origins of the stocking, through to it's part in the fashion industry and the astounding changes that have helped to place stockings in history as both an erotic symbol, and a fashion accessory.

Stocking book

Illustrating the wonderful variations, and designs that have changed the stocking over the past six decades. From the mod years in the 60's which helped to shape the stocking as a fashion accessory must with bright neon prints, and tones which we're more familiar with today, to the stunning 40's designs that have placed seamed stockings as a vintage favourite.

With an abundance of imagery throughout, you can find stunning vintage illustrations nestled amongst images of stunning vintage inspired lingerie of late including alt favourite Stockings & romance.

Whether you're a fan of illustrative fashion books, pin up art, or fashion history; The stocking book is a must, and it's sultry satin cover will look astounding in your boudoir.

The stocking book is available now direct from