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Steampunk inspired corsets

Feature: Charlotte Rush

Steampunk is a sub-culture that embraces the style and sophistication of the Victorian era or the raw passion of the Old West and combines it with a futuristic edge.

Steampunk style corset

As part of the accepted fashion, many Steampunk enthusiasts choose to wear their corsets with blouses, coats and other accessories so they can wear them outside. But many Steampunk style corsets are also perfect to wear by themselves if you're feeling bold.

Steampunk style corset

Wild Wild West

Fancy performing some rope tricks in the bedroom? This beautiful brown corset would go perfectly with a frontier ensemble if you prefer Old West to Vintage Victorian Steampunk.

Pair it with a pair of leather cowboy boots or a feather fascinator to complete the look.

Steampunk style corset

Black Widow

Venture to the dark side with this sleek black leather corset - a staple for any Steampunk fan. It goes with anything and you can dress it up with more leather, or wear it casual with a ruffled skirt and boots.

Boudoir Beauty

Sultry and ever-so-sexy, this intense red corset conjures up images of passionate nights under the sheets. Steampunk style can often veer towards muted colours like black and brown so adding a bit of fiery colour can really peak up your outfit.

Grab yourself a pair of arm-length gloves and a cite garter to give your look the finishing touch.

Jade Siren

A taste of the Orient for those who like to try things a little different. The stunning green colours give this corset a decidedly unique look.

Steampunk inspired corset

Contrast your look with stunning gold eye makeup and leave the jewellery in your nightstand - this corset speaks for itself.

Steampunk inspired corset

Lady Luxury

Steampunk style is about opulence and refinement, so you should always think about combining luxury with style. Feel the luxury of this fabulous purple corset and treat yourself to something simply divine for your evening of indulgence.

A statement piece of jewellery such as a necklace or pendant is all you need to set this look off in style. Go for neutral tones in your make up in order to let the rich colour of the corset stand out.

Steampunk inspired corset

Pure innocence

Ladylike and delicate, the Victorians are often thought of as prudish and chaste (the truth is they were far from it!) This lovely white corset is the picture of innocence and beauty and makes for a perfect night time outfit if you're trying to go for the fantasy rather than the reality.

Leave your hair as natural as you feel comfortable and go easy on the makeup. You want to achieve a natural look here and make the corset the focal point of your outfit.

With this beautiful selection of corsets, you should be ready to bring your Steampunk style into the bedroom and turn your romantic evening into a trip to another world!

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