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Stand out this season with the amazing new designs by Offend My Eyes.

Don't just look amazing, be the centre of attention with the amazing new range of designs from alternative label, Offend My Eyes, whose bold statement designs have certainly been causing a stir, as well as making for an amazing stylish range of alternative clothing.

Offend my eyes new season collection : Alternative fashion

Offend My Eyes designs are as unique as you are, with a range that's included eye poppingly bright eyeball prints, to wonderfully sweary printed accessories. Certainly going above and beyond the norm, with designs that are just as likely to grab your attention as they are likely to offend, besides where's the fun in dressing to impress if you don't leave a lasting impression!

Their striking designs have certainly made them an alternative fashion favourite, with a great range of alternative clothing and accessories that are emblazoned in eye catching designs, they'll certainly appeal to your sinister side just as much as your inner alt fashionista.

Their new Autumn/Winter season designs are as bold and brash as ever, with a stylish range of prints to suit any alternative look, from their colourful, pill popping print Trippy hoodie, to their delightfully dark and humourous skeletal Boner T-shirt, we wouldn't expect any less!

Offend my eyes new season collection : Alternative clothing brand

Whether you want to wrap up warm in alternative style with their new season hoodies, or make a statement with their bold printed t-shirts, you'll find even more amazing, and stylish designs in their A/W range.

Shop the full range, including their new season designs at, Alt Fashion readers can also treat themselves to a little extra, use the code ALTFASHIONROCKS to receive a free gift with your order, now you just need to decide what to buy!

Images: Photographer - Gary Whitehouse Photography | Model - right image: Scarlette Savage.