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Sourpuss clothing

Sourpuss clothing is an independent company specializing in printed apparel & accessories. With a range of punk, horror, & tattoo inspired gear, Sourpuss have plenty of goodies to fill your wardrobe.

Cleaver print tee : Sourpuss clothing

We tested out a few items from their latest ranges with a horror, & gore inspired twist.

Cleaver print girly tee

This tee features a horror inspired mini cleavers print.

A comfy fit lightweight tee; this tee is perfect for day to day wear, & long enough to wear over your favourite

mini skirt, or hot pants, or team it up with skinny trews for a more casual horror inspired look.

Anatomy wristlet purse

We adore this quirky wristlet purse, with an all over anatomy print this little wristlet clutch is surprisingly roomy & functional as well as being stylish.

Anatomy print wristlet purse : Alternative clothing

With plenty of room inside the purse for all your day to day belongings, & a handy zip compartment. Why not add a touch of goreish glam to your outfit.

Ribcage earrings : Alternative fashion

Ribcage earrings

Finish off your look with these eye catching ribcage earrings. They hang perfectly from your ears (better your ears than ribcages dangling from your basement!), & make for a unique statement piece of jewellery.

Butcher knife necklace

This butcher knife necklace is a classic approach to a horror inspired favourite, offset with a touch of glam with the diamante detailed cleaver edge.

Looks perfect alone, or team it up with some vintage pearls, & chokers for a touch of horror glamour.

You can find these items & more online at Sourpuss