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Small Victory

When it comes to printed tee's it takes a stand out design to catch your eye and Small Victory clothing have nailed it on the head. The alternative market is awash with printed graphic t-shirt designs so it certainly takes a rather unique concept and style to stand out in the market.

Small victory clothing : Alternative fashion

Having launched only several months ago Small Victory have already made a name for themselves with fans including Lostprophets & Feed The Rhino adorning their tees.

With a rather modern almost taxidermy-like theme of designs adorning their tee's from the whittily named Lord Victor Foxtrot & Of moose and men standing out with their hunting lodge styled designs given a twist.

With a stand out black & white design style that gives their graphic designs that extra edge.

Small victory clothing : Alternative fashion

The label also features guest designs giving it that extra touch with a range of unique styles that add to the brand, and with some truly affordable price tags on their range which certainly makes their high quality print tees more than worth investing in.

You can find their full range of designs over on their webstore at