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Slink into some beautiful latex wares by Corsette.

Who doesn't love latex?! We can't get enough of it, and neither can Polish company Corsette, who specialise in the sheen, slinky stuff. With a stunning range of clothing designs that you'll want to snap up in an instant.

Latex clothing by Corsette : Alternative fashion

With it's lustrous properties, we can't think of a better fabric to make the perfect figure hugging outfit in, and Corsette certainly do adore the stuff. With a passion for making latex attire, they've certainly perfected the art of latex wear, with a dedicated team producing their wares, they just love the flexibility that latex offers and that dedication shows with their amazing range of designs.

If you can think of it, chances are they've created it, there's no limits to the designs that you can craft with latex, and they've certainly created a dream range of latex attire. Taking inspiration from popular culture, to the world of cosplay and alternative fashion, to create a range of unique pieces from pencil skirts with plenty of pin up ruffles, to figure hugging halterneck tops.

The designs certainly speak for themselves, with outfits that are fun and creative, as well as being glamorous and seductive.

Whatever your style you'll find plenty to tempt, whether you prefer the gothic opulence of a sleek latex fishtail skirt, or the cheeky playfulness of their sheen "Lady D-pool" cosplay dress.

Corsette latex : Alternative fashion

Why wear anything else when you could slink into their stunning range of designs! We certainly can't get enough of their latex wares, and with designs that look this amazing you'll just want to snap them up.

Corsette latex : Alternative clothing brand

Shop their full range of designs at where you can find their full catalogue of latex creations, from dresses to tops and accessories.

Images: c/o Corsette. Models: Diva Akasha & Soki Spawn.