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Preparing for the impending zombie apocalypse has never looked better.. Siskatank are a diy label with a taste for the industrial, apocalyptic & gritty glam.

Siskatank clothing : Alternative fashion

Stripy cyber tops sit next to fleece & pvc hoodies, waspies sit on top of re-constructed tops & mini skirts, fit for roaming apocalyptic wastelands.

An Italian label with diy roots, every item is uniquely handmade with limited edition & one of a kind items all made under the Siskatank brand, so you can be sure of a truly unique piece to add to your wardrobe.

With designs that look like they've been plucked out a sci-fi film, ready to dress up plucky sci-fi heroines.

Lots of slinky vegan friendly faux leather is used within the designs to create that truly gritty but glam look.

Siskatank clothing : Alternative clothing brand

If cyber with a dash of glam & casual zombie hunting wear ticks all the boxes for you, you're certainly bound to fit it in their designs.

Siskatank is currently available internationally via Etsy to find out more visit