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Sian Bostwick

Sian Bostwick creates elegant, stunning, and unique jewellery. With a collection of pieces inspired by fairytales, myths, & dreamscapes.

Sian bostwick

With notes of fairytale elegance, and nature amongst her pieces, her latest collections feature elegant floral pieces, darling 'tweet' bird pendants, and beautiful butterfly earrings.

Sian's pieces comprise of anodised titanium pieces creating a unique combination of blue and purple hues combined with a unique and elegant look that plays off each item of jewellery beautifully.

Her latest collection on sale at Folksy features elegant butterflies on twisting metal, delicate flowers, and darling birds hanging off ribbon.

Amongst her collections on Folksy, Sian also creates bespoke jewellery pieces. With a portfoilo ranging from Alice in wonderland inspired pendants featuring card deck pieces, to elaborate high neck corsets and head pieces.

Sian bostwick

You can buy pieces from Sian's current collection at her Folksy shop or visit her designer porfolio at