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Shopping second hand : Eco-friendly alternative fashion.

Whether your looking to reduce waste by swapping fast fashion for vintage, or you want to bring a new lease of life to your wardrobe that's not so tight on the purse strings by shopping for gothic clothing second hand. There's never been a better time to swap to a more eco-friendly, alternative fashion wardrobe.

Second hand is the new black, as reducing and reusing has never been more important, what better way to do your part for the environment than by switching to a pre-loved wardrobe.

Woman holding coats : Vintage clothing

Did you know that an estimated 300,000 tonnes of clothing goes to landfill each year? That's certainly alarming. With fast fashion on the rise, opt out by swapping for second hand and bringing a new lease of life to vintage fashion.

Whatever your style, you can find plenty of options to shop vintage and pre-loved online. From marketplaces like Ebay, to fashion forward app's like Depop, there's plenty of choice for the savvy alternative shopper.

Shop Vintage.

Did you know that pre-2000 fashion now counts as vintage? Those 90's finds are now vintage treasures! The market for vintage clothing has certainly never been better, with an abundance of choices to shop from, whatever your style.

Whilst marketplaces like Etsy may be more known for niche crafters, but they have a great selection of vintage shops too. Simply search for pre-loved vintage wares, and you'll soon be giving your wardrobe a new lease of life.

Don't fancy trawling through countless listings to find that one perfect item? Why not opt for a more specialist vintage marketplace and shop at RETRuly, a vintage marketplace that's just that, vintage.

Shop second hand.

The difference between vintage and second hand, is that those Demonia boots you wanted to get a few years ago are now a second hand steal on Ebay! Whether you want to reduce and reuse, or simply find cheap alternative clothing by opting for second hand, you'll find plenty to shop from online.

Woman trying on shoes : Second hand alternative clothing

Of course it goes without saying that the first pit stop for second hand alternative clothing is Ebay. Here you can find an abundance of pre-loved alternative fashion, so you can top up your wardrobe with gothic clothing second hand, or simply just bag yourself a bargain.

But, there's plenty of other ways to find second hand clothing. App's are certainly all the rage these days, and where better to shop than on fashion app's like Depop and Vinted. Shop with a simple swipe and find pre-loved alternative wares, whatever your style.

There really has never been a better time to reduce, reuse and recycle your wardrobe, so why not start shopping today!

Looking for more vintage and pre-loved alternative fashion? Why not visit our handy directory site, where you can find a selection of vintage web-stores, from clothing to accessories, and more.

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