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Dark alternative fashion at

Shop till you drop with a delightfully dark selection of wares.

Do you long for a wardrobe that's filled to the brim with the darkest of alternative attire? Then you'll just love Nosferatu underground and gothic shop, a web shop that's stocked with far more gothic and dark alternative clothing than you can shake a bat on a stick at!

Killstar at Nosferatu : Gothic clothing

Whether your looking for a stunning corset top or a pair of killer gothic heels you'll be bound to find the perfect item amongst their vast range of stock, with everything that you could possibly imagine in store at

Iron Fist at Nosferatu : Alternative clothing

Whatever you want, they've got it, their wonderfully dark selection of attire has something for everyone, whether you fancy a dark twist on the classic rockabilly look, or something with more of an occult flair like their amazing range from Killstar, you'll find plenty to tempt.

Dress up or down with their vast selection of dark alternative clothing, accessories and footwear, from stylish tees by Too Fast to drop dead gorgeous heels by Iron Fist and so much more in store.

Corset : Gothic clothing

Whatever takes your fancy you'll certainly be spoilt for choice with the great range of dark alternative attire available at Nosferatu. Shop their full range online with a vast selection of both mens and womenswear in store, alongside a great range of alternative kids clothing for your little goth!

Gothic handbag : Alternative fashion

Visit to shop their full range online, Alt Fashion readers can also grab 5% off in store. Use the code ALTFASHION005 to claim your discount, simply add the code to the shopping cart to get 5% off your order. Offer ends 15th September 2016.