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Shitsville Clothing

High end couture meets tasty dribs and drabs of edgey punk, and dirty r'n'r style. Glamourous chic with a glass of jd in your hand; toned up with notes of one off unique style.

Shitsville clothing : Alternative fashion

Shitsville create diy attire with a spark of couture; notes of classic leopard prints, leathers, and lace toned up into stylish mini skirts, hot waistcoats, and stunning dresses.

With a touch of glam, rock 'n' roll style, taking on influences of couture high end fashion.

Currently available online you can find Shitsville clothing's latest collections with both women's & men's ranges on their website; amongst their etsy store.

Shitsville clothing : Alternative clothing brand

With a range of one off items in store; tressed up band tees turned stunning frocks sit alongside leather jackets with zebra print panels, fishnet mini skirts, & pin striped trousers.

You can even deck yourself out for the summer with a stunning range of unique bikini's.

You can visit Shitsville on line at; where you can find their latest collections. Or shop in their Etsy store at