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September Mourning dresses in style with Komachi2266531 Japan.

September Mourning

The world's of alternative fashion and dark alternative culture collide, as September Mourning front woman, September, teams up with Japanese alt fashion brand Komachi2266531 Japan for their latest shoot. Bringing together the best of both world's for a visually striking look, in darkly gothic style.

September Mourning and Komachi Japan

We love it when the world's of alternative culture and fashion collide, and this collaboration couldn't be more perfect, and we're sure that you'll agree with the images showcased here. Komachi Japan have already become a firm favourite in the world of alternative fashion, not just for their striking designs, but for offering a range that's also available in tall and plus sizes, filling a much needed gap in the market when it comes to plus size Japanese fashion.

Showcasing a selection of the label's designs in the images, the Gothic and Lolita line is the perfect fit for the darkly alternative, and theatrically visual imagery of September Mourning.

September Mourning and Komachi Japan

The dark alternative, visual and hard rock transmedia project, September Mourning are certainly a perfect fit for the label, as the designs chosen to complement front women September's look go to show.

Hot on the tails of the release of their new single "20 Below", the band are set to tour the U.S with Dope and Combichrist on their Blood Lust Death tour with Davey Suicide opening.

September Mourning and Komachi Japan

September Mourning have already built up an impressive fan base, with their mix of alternative music and their comic book telling the story of this visually astounding band. View the latest video for their single "20 Below" here, where you can see their spectacularly visual imagery on show.

September Mourning and Komachi Japan

For more details on their forthcoming U.S tour and their latest single visit:

Shop the full range from Komachi2266531 Japan, where you can also find the designs showcased here, at:

Image credits:

September wears Komachi2266531 Japan tights in - no.11 Knives Out (left images) /no.10 Chained Mermaid (top right) / no.13 Pandora (bottom right).

Wardrobe - tights: Komachi2266531 Japan

Photographer: Sarah Mankoff

MUA/Hair: Allison McGillicuddy

Hair: Gothic Lolita Wigs

Stylist/Model: Emily Lazar

Shoes: Ellie Shoes