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Plus size clothing

When people usually utter the phrase 'plus size clothing' a sense of fear and dread washes over you, that shouldn't be the case, plus size clothing has come on leaps and bounds in the past few years. No longer are plus size clothing racks full of generic long black skirts & tunic tops, there's a world of style out there that goes beyond a size 14 tag.

plus size clothing

The fashion industry leans towards the smaller size on the catwalk, but who would truly feel comfortable wearing a giant puffball dress? Nobody! Fashion shouldn't be about wearing the most outlandish idea possible, as much as we adore the alternative we want to wear something that fits well with our personality, not something that can be seen from space.

It's more easier than ever to find plus size clothing uk, than previously, with a wide range of companies both online & on the high street, catering for sizes above a 14 tag. But it's not good enough to know that these companies are out there, you've got to find something that suits you, something that's a perfect fit, flaunts those curves & feels wonderful!

Plus size fashion companies and stores aren't the long feared hum drum, washed out styles, nowadays you can find high street brands & online stores incorporating on trend styles into their collections, with more than thought extending their collections to plus sizes, you shouldn't be left out missing on the latest styles because of your figure! Alternative labels are also taking plus sizes on board, extending their ranges up to size 22+ in the case of some brands.

plus size clothing

It may have taken the industry a while to get around to extending their size range but plus size clothing is no longer a half hearted section on the high street, it's a well thought out, independent collection of styles, on trend, to classic style and the alternative, all catered for so you can truly dress to reflect your own personal style, it's about time ladies!

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Left image: Designer Jibri