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Pearls & Swine

Glittery tea cups, cupcakes, gothic elegance, and a touch of victorian dandyness. Pearls & swine is a site for those who think outside the box.

Pearls & Swine

Pearls & swine is home to a wonderful array of quirky, elegant, and unique accessories that truly stand out. The site is full of unique, and one of a kind pieces from elaborate fascinators, to glittery eye patches.

Twisted burlesque pieces sit next to the kitsch, and the overly elegant. With pieces as wonderfully unique as they are items of wearable art.

The collection of items on line contains tasty treats such as the cupcake, and dropped ice cream cone fascinators; gothic elegance with beaded fascinators, and glam eye patches pin up with giant glittery cherry fascinators, and sequinned fox ear hair clips. There is dashings of lace, oodles of sprinkles, and a touch of feathering.

Pearls & Swine

Custom pieces are also available from the site, whether you want bespoke pieces or your own wonderfully wild pieces creating.

Whether it's burlesque attire with a truly unique twist, kitsch accessories with a sweet touch; or dandy gothic elegance that floats your boat, you are bound to find it on the site.

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