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Now Voyager save the victory roll

The humble victory roll has always been regarded as a vintage classic by the Alt fashion team. One of those timeless styles that fits in beautifully with alternative fashion, so naturally when we found out that Now Voyager were doing their bit to keep the classic style going we were pretty excited.

Now voyager

Now Voyager are well known for their quirky hair accessories, from batten-burg cake to giant windmill hair clips, & the victory roll certainly fits in perfectly with their accessories. Their Save the victory roll campaign started to help teach the public how to create the classic style at home.

Taking place at events across the UK, Save the victory roll certainly looks set to revive the classic style.

Going along to a Now Voyager style session is more than just having your hair styled for the day, throughout your session you get a detailed account of how to re-create the style yourself. Sat opposite the darling pop up stands mirror you can see every roll & tuck as it's happens.

The tutorial style takes on Now Voyager designer Felicity's own tried & tested style to create an easy victory roll. No more back combing (for those of us who've knackered ourselves out from creating just one perfect victory roll!), just a simple technique that involves plenty of pins & a surprising spot of dry shampoo to get the perfect rolls.

Four different styles are available so you can find the perfect roll to suit your barnet. Now Voyager's pop up Save the victory roll stand will be touring events over the year so you too can learn how to create that perfect do.

Now voyager hair clip

Personal home sessions are also available should you prefer a one-on-one hair styling, even perhaps before a big night out!

For those of you who prefer to teach yourself at home you're not left out either, tutorials for each of the four styles are now available to purchase at the Now voyager store

Go along & visit Now Voyager at the following events this Autumn 2011:

Vintage @ London fashion weekend 22nd - 25th Sept.

Essex vintage fashion fair 22nd Oct

Email to book your place during any of these events:

Visit Now Voyager online at