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Motel teams up with Grace Neutral for their latest collection.

The wait is almost over, as Motel gear up for the launch of their latest collaboration with tattoo artist Grace Neutral, and you'll certainly want to sink your claws into the stylish range of designs due to launch this November.

Motel x Grace Neutral collection : Alternative fashion

Motel have always been known for their sleek and stylish alt streetwear designs, with a range of cutting edge styles and sleek silhouettes. Their autumn/winter designs are as delightfully dark as ever, including the addition of the latest collection, Motel X Grace Neutral.

This much awaited collection with Grace Neutral features plenty of directional silhouettes, stylish separates and slip dresses, all adorned with strikingly beautiful designs by Grace, including an exclusive hand drawn Mandala design. Making for a collection of stylish pieces that you'll most certainly want to snap up as soon as they launch.

Motel x Grace Neutral collection : Alternative clothing

Thankfully, you won't have to wait for long, as the Motel X Grace Neutral collection is due to hit stores on November 4th, with the capsule collection landing at as well as a limited selection of stockists.

It's certainly a striking collection, with bold printed dresses and sleek kimonos shaping the base of the range, making for a stylish collection of pieces, and we couldn't wait to find out more about this amazing collaboration. We caught up with Grace Neutral to find out more about the Motel X Grace Neutral collection, taking in those striking designs and some stylish pieces along the way.

The collection seems like the perfect match with your striking designs and Motel's signature style, how did the collaboration come about?

I have known and worn Motel for a long time; some of my old friends used to work in the original Motel store on Park Lane in Bristol so I've known the team for years. I met Jenna from the sales team at Motel when I tattooed her ages ago and the idea just grew from there. One day Jen asked me if I was serious about doing a line and obviously I was like 'hellllss yeah!'.

Grace Neutral for Motel

The designs you've drawn for the collection certainly look outstanding on the finished pieces, did you already have the design in mind for the collection? And did it make a change of pace designing for clothing rather than body art?

When asked to design a pattern for Motel I put my thinking cap on and came up with around 10 different patterns I thought would work well and then took these to the guys at Motel and we all made a team effort in picking the final design, we're really pleased with how it looks.

The collection features a great selection of pieces and striking shapes, alongside sketching your beautiful mandala design for the collection, how involved in the design process were you? Did you already have a set range of shapes and styles set out for the collection?

I was very involved in the whole process, I worked with the team choosing which designs we used and also which styles and silhouettes we used the patterns for. I was helped along the way by the guys at Motel but I always felt like I had control of my own art, which I'm so grateful to them for.

There's some truly amazing pieces in the collection, have you already snapped up a favourite piece from the designs?

I'm in love with all of them, but I have to say I have a super soft spot for the kimono.

Is this collection something that you could see yourself doing again in the future? Are there any different designs or prints that you'd love to see as part of another clothing collection?

Yes of course I would! Designing clothes has been a new challenge for me and I would love to explore more down this path #watchthisspace

The Motel X Grace Neutral collection lands at on November 4th, where you can find the full collection of designs instore.