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Miss Self.Destructive

Miss Self.Destructive is a Mort-a-porter fashion label created by fashion designer Sandra Self.Destructive. Specializing in gothic couture, corsetry & pin up attire with a dark twist.

Miss Self Destructive : Alternative fashion

Each Miss Self.Destructive collection is based on a theme, with lines inspired by undead pin ups, creepy macabre dolls, & twisted cabaret. Taking the dark, macabre concept with the label which gives each item it's own unique appeal.

The Mort-a-Porter concept brings the label it's own dark appeal, with a couture touch. The concept came about after years of experience in Pret-a-Porter, delving into a gloomy underworld to dress "porcelain dolls" and "pin-ups from the Beyond". The concept was then created for "Mort-a-Porter" which stands out with her label.

With stand out pieces for twisted cabaret like the crinoline collections & Mort-lesque dark burlesque essentials. Alongside fully steel boned corsets created in a range of over bust to under bust styles ranging from the glamorous (Dame under bust corset), to the kitsch (La Catrina under bust).

Miss Self Destructive : Alternative clothing brand

But it's not just gothic couture & twisted cabaret, Miss Self.Destructive also caters for the classic pin up look with colourful sailor outfits, cherry print rockabilly attire & glamorous leopard prints.

One of a kind & custom couture items can also be made to order if you fancy adding your own personal twist to their creations.

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