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MAC x The Rocky Horror Picture Show

MAC unveils it's most eagerly antici....pated collection yet.

It's a match made in heaven, MAC, purveyors of gorgeous, richly pigmented, bold and brash cosmetics, and one of the most popular cult musicals, the Rocky Horror Picture Show. This October will see one of most eagerly awaited collections launch in a haze of glitter and glamour.

MAC for Rocky horror picture show collection

It's a collection set to blow all others away, with a whopping 21 piece set of comprising of bold, brash and exquisitely dark products. There's no need to 'shiver in antici.....pation' to wait for it's release as sneak peeks of the collection have already been unveiled.

With a palette of dark hues and of course, gorgeous glitters in abundance, it's a collection that screams for you to 'touch-a, touch-a, touch me!' (sorry, we couldn't resist..). Comprising of eyeshadow palettes, greasepaint sticks, blushes, pigments, glitters, nail varnishes, lipsticks, powders and of course false lashes, whether you want the perfect pale powder a'la Magenta, or a gorgeous glittery complexion a'la Columbia, you'll just adore what's in store!

MAC Rocky Horror collection

We just love the sultry dark red Frank-N-Furter lipstick, the gorgeously sparkly 3D black glitter pigment and the gorgeous false lashes, we just can't imagine why the collection hasn't been done before!

Of the jaw dropping collection, James Gager, MAC Cosmetics Creative Director says "The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a cult classic about transformation, diversity, individuality and fantasy; all elements that are a part of MAC Cosmetics", the forthcoming collection has naturally been inspired by the strong make up driven looks of the characters, and it certainly won't disappoint.

Due to be released here in the UK just in time for Halloween, well we can't think of a better way to celebrate than diving into the luscious collection of cosmetics.. Keep an eye on MAC counters near you, and online at for the collections launch.

MAC Rocky Horror Picture Show product images via Refinery 29