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LondonEdge goes online with new digital fashion platform.

At the forefront of alternative fashion, LondonEdge has long been the must visit show for the latest launches from your favourite alternative brands. Going beyond their bi-annual show, they've now launched their new online platform; LondonEdgeNow - where you can connect with your favourite brands instantly!

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Providing a new business to business solution for traders worldwide, allowing you to keep in touch between their shows and find their latest designs, or simply just reach out to an exhibitor.

LondonEdge Now

Whilst you can't beat getting to browse the latest collections in person, in this digital era a vast proportion of retailers buying and selling happens online, so why not continue the process after the show so you can keep your store fully stocked all the time!

The new LondonEdge platform, LondonEdge NOW is free to exhibitors at their trade shows, other alternative brands can also sign up to the platform for a small monthly fee. Allowing designers, companies, wholesalers, and brands to reach out to buyers directly at any time.

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The service is free for buyers, with the latest designs, and collections available at your fingertips. Offering both buyers and traders a multi-brand shop to keep your store up to date as often as you like.

"LondonEdge is a unique fashion event has served the lifestyle fashion communities for 20 years. It's known the world over for its dedication to creative, innovative fashion businesses & to SME's. Globally recognized as the go-to brand to discover new & bold collections LondonedgeNOW means this community can now reach every corner of the world in every time zone. For brands who want an international presence in the lifestyle fashion market LondonedgeNOW is a must", says Managing Director Carole Hunter of the new launch.

To find out more about LondonEdge NOW visit, where you can also find out about forthcoming shows.

Images: c/o LondonEdge