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Little Black cherry

Little black cherry specialize in a selection of Emo & scene clothing. With a range bursting to the brim with kitty hoodies, skinny tight jeans, printed scene tees, & stripey attire, you can find plenty to put together the latest styles whether it's burton-esque stripes with an emo twist or bright neon crunk core looks that you adore.

Little black cherry

You can even find the latest style guides and tips on their web blog, from tips to styling the perfect scene hair, applying eye liner, & even tips on alternative modelling. With such an abundance of fashion forward style and advice it's no surprise that Little black cherry's catalogue of clothing and accessories is always up to date with the latest releases and brands.

One of the latest addition's to their catalogue is the bright & chunky jewellery range by Big baby.

Little black cherry

The range features cute oversized pieces, from giant colourful bow topped bangles, cute scene rose bud hair bands, & the cherry on top the delicious cherry hair clip.

Big baby acrylic juicy delicious cherry hair clip

We adore large oversized jewellery, & this darling clip is as large as they can get, a chunky acrylic plastic cherry with a dainty diamante detailing on the side. Made from a super glossy resin with a cute stand out stem detail.

A large sized clip which stands out perfectly next to cute fringes, and layered hair styles; adding a touch of quirky cuteness to any look.

You can find this cherry hair clip, & the full range of Big baby jewellery online at