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Lazy Oaf x Ragged Priest.

Making alternative denim look even more amazing, as Lazy Oaf teams up with Ragged Priest.

We're already spoilt for choice for alternative denim, with every style imaginable available at a mere click, from those amazing DIY style studded and ripped jeans, to killer skinny fit jeans, and we're about to get even more spoilt as indie labels Lazy Oaf and Ragged Priest have teamed up to collaborate on an amazing collection of jeans.

Lazy Oaf x Ragged Priest collection

Ragged Priest's collection of jeans already feature a great selection of alt styles, from 90's grunge slashed jeans, to stylish skinny fit jeans and even kawaii star print loose fit jeans, making for a great selection of alternative denim to add to your wardrobe.

The new collaboration with indie designer Lazy Oaf see's them take on the best of both labels, with Lazy Oaf's signature alt streetwear look adding a unique touch to their capsule collection.

Ragged Priest jeans

The Lazy Oaf x Ragged Priest collection will be available in three distinct styles, taking 90's grunge style casual jeans with stylish motifs. From 'Total Mess', a light blue distressed denim base, featuring ripped knees and statement scribbly text; to 'Collection jeans' featuring sticker art-inspired motifs such as hearts, bananas and pizza collage on a light blue denim wash, and whats certainly set to be our favourite, the 'Kitty Kat jeans' in charcoal black relaxed denim with pastel prints of feline faces, resting above charcoal knees - you had us sold at kitty...

Making for a great collection that takes on the best of grunge style with a very pastel goth inspired twist, we can't wait to see the new collection, due to launch on Thursday (September 3rd) at Lazy Oaf's flagship London store, 2 Ganton street. For more details, and to see their latest ranges visit &

New collection image via: Fashion Monitor