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Katie Eary x The Powerpuff Girls.

Fashion designer Katie Eary debuts new womenswear collection inspired by The Powerpuff Girls.

What better way to start off London Fashion Week than with a stylish new collection that celebrates equality and diversity, inspired by the original animated icons of Girl Power - The Powerpuff Girls. As London-based designer, Katie Eary launches her first womenswear collection, teaming up with Cartoon Network for an amazing new range for A/W 2018.

Katie Eary

Driven by subculture and unabashed bold colours and prints, Katie Eary's designs stand out with vibrant eye popping prints, and subversive silhouettes, inspired by alt couture. What better a fit for her debut womenswear collection than the iconic superhero sisters, The Powerpuff Girls. Shaping a collection that celebrates diversity, breaking down gender stereotypes with designs that take on elements of their iconic style, perfectly matched with Katie Eary's own signature look.

Katie Eary x The Powerpuff Girls collection

Launching her forthcoming A/W 2018 range on the eve of London Fashion Week with a showcase at at London Mayfair's Maddox Gallery, paying homage to girl power with a fully 'Powerpuffed' backdrop and an all-girl skateboarding squad, wearing pieces from the new collection.

Katie Eary and Lucy Adams

Comprised of 15 signature pieces, The Powerpuff Girls collection includes tops, sweatshirts, dresses, and trousers, as well as a "mini-me" range for powerful women and aspiring young girls. Coinciding with the 20th anniversary of the iconic show, and it's message of empowerment - making a perfect fit for Katie Eary's debut womenswear range.

Katie Eary x The Powerpuff Girls collection

"I'm a big fan of The Powerpuff Girls and I was so excited to partner with Cartoon Network for my debut womenswear collection at London Fashion Week. I wanted to take the three superhero sisters with me into a new era of female empowerment. My collection celebrates diversity and breaking down gender stereotypes, so I've combined my signature prints with luxe materials to signify boldness and grace. I hope my collection truly inspires a new generation of young women to feel empowered." says Katie Eary of the forthcoming collection.

Launching later this year, the Katie Eary X The Powerpuff Girls collection will be available at selected department stores and boutiques in the UK and worldwide. With a Powerpuff Girls themed landing page being launched when the new A/W 2018 collection arrives on Katie Eary's site.

To find out more when the new collection launches visit,, where you can also shop Katie Eary's latest designs.