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A world of alternative shopping at your fingertips at I Am Attitude.

alternative marketplace I Am Attitude

Imagine a virtual marketplace that's bursting to the seams with plenty of alternative fashion, in the past sites like Etsy and Ebay only merely hinted at what was possible, but now thanks to new site, I Am Attitude, the virtual alternative marketplace has hit our screens, and it's certainly something to get excited about.

Whilst sites like Etsy are great as a starting point for reaching a worldwide virtual marketplace, they've never really focused on niche, alternative fashion, making it somewhat hard to source those much coveted items, so when news came about of a new alternative focused online marketplace, we just couldn't wait to see the results..

Shitsville clothing at I Am Attitude

I Am Attitude is an alternative driven marketplace, one that focuses purely on alternative fashion, whether it's gothic, rockabilly, or punk fashion that you adore, you'll find plenty of unique, one of a kind, alternative pieces to add to your wardrobe. With a global market, the site features alternative sellers worldwide, all with their own unique designs, and hand crafted items, ready to buy on the site.

With alternative items in abundance, whether you want to find a new pair of gothic shoes, a unique alternative jacket, or even a pair of cyber goggles, there's a wonderful choice of items to choose from already in the sites opening week, and we can't wait to see what's available in the near future as the site grows.

You'll recognise quite a few of the alternative designers already on the site, with Alt Fashion favourites like Black Sheep Latex, Hades footwear, Sugared Bones, Pearls & Swine, and Shitsville clothing, they've got a great selection of designers already on board.

Sakura millinery at I Am Attitude

And it's not just alternative clothing that they do either, I Am Attitude has a great selection of alternative artists of all walks, from art prints, to stunning homewares, and hand crafted accessories, amongst the ranges available at the marketplace.

With the idea behind the site to create a global marketplace selling high quality, alternative fashion, it's certainly given alternative designers a new platform to sell their wares, allowing them to reach a new customer base.

It's a great concept that will certainly give alternative designers, and artists, a more specialized alternative to Etsy to reach their customers, and with a great selection of alternative designers already behind them it's certainly off to a great start.

Why not explore I Am Attitude for yourself and see what you can find, with items categorized by gender, type, and even style, you'll be able to find plenty of gorgeous alternative fashion, accessories, art, and homewares, to snap up at the site. Visit and find some unique new items to adorn.

Images: Outfit by Shitsville clothing, photographed by Reverend Vegas, modelled by Miss Mischief | Hat by Sakura Millinery, photographed by Candee photography, modelled by Jessica Drue