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Alt Fashion End of year poll 2017 - International Web Shop

Tragic Beautiful

Winner: Tragic Beautiful

With a wide range of darkly alternative attire in store, Tragic Beautiful have an amazing selection of wares to shop from. Everything from the perfect platform shoes, to stunning dresses, and cosmetics, that have made them one of your favourites & this year's winners!

Wonderland 13

2nd place: Wonderland 13

With an amazing selection of alternative attire, with everything that you could ever want for the perfect darkly gothic, glam, or punk look - making them one of your favourites again this year!

Attitude Holland

3rd place: Attitude Holland

Home to a wide selection of dark alternative attire, from rockabilly frocks, to gothic homewares, and vibrant cosmetics. You'll find everything you could ever want in-store - making them one of your favourites.

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