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Alt Fashion End of year poll 2016 - International Web Shop

Wonderland 13

Winner : Wonderland 13 - 43% of the public vote

Home to a wonderful selection of dark alternative, gothic and glam attire, with everything that you could ever want in store, making them one of your favourites to shop from & this years winners!

The Black Angel

2nd place : The Black Angel - 37% of the public vote

A delightfully dark web shop, where else could you find such a vast selection of gothic and dark alternative attire?! They've certainly become a firm favourite amongst our readers making it through to this years poll once again!

Dolls Kill

3rd place : Dolls Kill - 20% of the public vote

Refusing to conform to the norm, Dolls Kill have brought together the best in international alternative fashion for a wide range of cutting edge and unique designs that you just adore.

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