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Alt Fashion End of year poll 2014 - International Web Shop; previously International Site

The Black Angel

Winner : The Black Angel - 47% of the public vote

This year's winners have certainly caught your eye, with a web shop that's bursting to the virtual seams with plenty of gorgeous gothic and alternative apparel. It's certainly been one of your favourites to shop at this year.


2nd place : Fantasmagoria - 40% of the public vote

A web store catering for dark alternative fashion, with a wide range of gothic, lolita, steampunk & punk clothing in stock. With such an eye catching selection of items available it's no wonder that they're your favourite.

Top Vintage

3rd place : Top Vintage - 13% of the public vote

A web store that's full of vintage inspired attire, with unique hand picked pieces that make for a perfect vintage style wardrobe, that's certainly made them a 'must visit' web shop that you adore.

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