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Alt Fashion End of year poll 2017 - International Photographer

Silver Pearl Photography

Winner: Silver Pearl Photography

Bringing fantasy worlds and dark gothic fairytales to life, Silver Pearl Photography has created some wonderful images, from stunning alternative fashion, to beautiful portraits - making them one of your favourites & this year's winner!

Image credits:

Model: Elisanth

Headdress: MyWitchery

Photographer: Silver Pearl Photography

A.M. Lorek Photography

2nd place: A.M. Lorek Photography

Creating beautiful works of art through the lens, A.M. Lorek has captured some stunning images that are as fantastical as they are captivating - making them one of your favourite photographers this year.

Image credits:

Photographer: A.M.Lorek Photography


Costume: Firefly Path

Atelier-Simone Richter

3rd place: Atelier-Simone Richter

A photographer who has created some wonderful images, from dark fashion, to fantastical, otherworldy scenes - making them one of your favourites.

Image credits:

Photographer: Atelier-Simone Richter

Model: loreleï enchantress

Costume: loreleï enchantress

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