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Alt Fashion End of year poll 2016 - International Model

Obsidian Kerttu

Winner : Obsidian Kerttu - 39% of the public vote

A gothic and alternative model who has created some stunning imagery, from dark alternative fashion to gothic couture. Even collaborating with some of our favourites and fellow nominees (Hysteria Machine & Sinister), making her one of your favourites and this years winner!

Image credits:

Model/photo: Obsidian Kerttu

Outfit: Sinister

Antlers: Hysteria Machine

Wig: EvaHair

Gui Dragonfly

2nd place : Dragonfly - 32% of the public vote

An alternative model and photographer who has created some beautiful images, even teaming up with a few of our other nominees (The Gothic Shop & Skadi Jewellery). Modelling some stunning creations in her work, that has certainly made her a favourite amongst our readers!

Image credits

Model, make up & Styling: Dragonfly

Jewellery: Skadi Jewellery

Wig: Annabelle's Wigs

Lenses: PinkyParadise

Bolero: Vilindery

Nail art: Tatiana Goncalves

Photographer: Leandro V


3rd place : Elisanth - 29% of the public vote

An alternative model with a flair for gothic, latex, horror and pin up work. Often collaborating with some of our favourite designers. Creating some wonderfully unique and stunning images, that have made her one of your favourites this year!

Image credits:

Model, MUA: Elisanth

Photographer: Zatsepin Alex

Outfit: Atelier Selene de Viollet

Lenses: Samhain Contact Lenses

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