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International Model 2012

Razor Candi

1st: Razor Candi

An alternative model & artist, Razor Candi has long caught our eye with her striking look. Taking her art into each photoshoot to create stunning works of art that have made her a memorable face in the alternative scene. We're pleased to be crowning her International Model of 2012!

Image credits: Model - Razor Candi | Photographer - Bodo Janos Attila

Ophelia Overdose

2nd: Ophelia Overdose

As much an alternative model as she is an artist, Ophelia Overdose is a model, designer & performer with a stand out look that's taken her work incredibly far. Taking on fashion, fetish, fantasy & pin up work in her career to date.

Image credits: Model - Ophelia Overdose | Photographer: Alex Blyg

Masumi Max

3rd: Masuimi Max

A model who needs no introduction, those of us who grew up flicking through many a copy of Bizarre will be more than familiar with this lady and her work. A model who's work has crossed genres taking on the world of alternative fashion, fetish & even burlesque, is there anything she can't do?!

Image credits: Model - Masuimi Max | Photographer - Morat Photography

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