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Alt Fashion End of year poll 2017 - International Designer

Eva Zolnar

Winner: Eva Zolnar

Creating amazingly futuristic designs inspired by Sci-Fi, with an incredibly stylish collection of cyber wares and accessories that you just adore - now going on to win our End of year poll for the third year running!

Image credits:

Photographer: Yuris Zaleskis

Model: Pofifishkas Aleksey

MUA/Hair: Diana Vonda-Krieva

Damaris Luhn

2nd place: Damaris Luhn

An alternative tailor creating beautiful pieces of wearable art, from stunning corsetry, to amazing gowns that you certainly adore - making her one of your favourite designers this year.

Image credits:

Photographer: AverageShots

Model, MakeUp & Hair: Moony Mara

Outfit: Damaris Luhn

End of year poll 2017

3rd place: Askasu

Creating stunning garments, from beautifully detailed gowns, to alternative lingerie that could have been plucked from a gothic fairytale. With their intricately detailed designs making them one of your favourites.

Please visit designer's site (linked above) for images.

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