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Alt Fashion End of year poll 2014 - International Designer


Winner : Gloomth - 48% of the public vote

This year's winner have clearly stolen your heart, with their unique hand made alternative apparel, Gloomth create dark alt wear with a touch of gothic lolita, and victoriana influences.

Image: Photographer - Bailey Northcott | Model - Saint Alkaline | Stylist/MUA - Taeden Hall

Lady Oops

2nd place : Lady Oops - 36% of the public vote

Lady Oops create stunning latex clothing in some of the most creative and colourful styles you've ever seen. They're wonderful, unique designs have certainly caught your eye.

Image: Photographer - Cojac Photography | Model and make up - Milla Vie

Moon Raven Designs

3rd place : Moon Raven Designs - 16% of the public vote

Moon Raven Designs create beautifully crafted jewellery that's inspired by nature, with a striking collection of statement pieces that have left you wanting more.

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